Post Ayyam-i-Ha Fast Mix

7 Mar

This mix I made for my girlfriend and her fellow friends as they participate in the Baha’i Faith’s fast for the month(ish).  For the fast, they must eat in the morning around sunrise and then have to eat after sunset with nothing in between including water.  This is quite the task.  So, I figured I’d make a mix to inspire them.  It starts out with a happy note to wake up in the morning to, and follows them into the evening with some mention of food along the way.

1. The Polyphonic Spree – Have a Day

A great way to pump you up.

2. Orba Squara – Perfect Timing (This Morning)

Yes, I know this was used for the iPhone commercial, but I had the music first.  Either way, it’s irresistible.

3. Herman’s Hermits – It’s Nice to be Out in the Morning

If anyone truly knows me, then they know that I like Herman’s Hermits better than The Beatles.  It’s true, I said it.  Yes, The Beatles show up in just a bit, but still.  They just make me smile even when it’s a sad song.

4. Elliott Smith – Mr. Goodmorning

It’s hard to beat Elliott Smith lyrics.  Super hard.

5. Nick Drake – From the Morning

Nick Drake’s songs are timeless.  What wonderful fingerpicking.

6. The Beatles – Good Morning Good Morning

This could easily be an alarm clock.

7. Eels – Saturday Morning

Nostalgic throwback to childhood.  Lovely.

8. The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning

This naturally had to follow Saturday morning.  The music is just so charming which sort of contrasts with the mildly melancholy lyrics.

9. Le Loup – Morning Song

Imagine a woodland morning.  This would be it.

10. Backyard Tire Fire – Food for Thought

Okay, it’s kind of about death, but it’s a nice little reflection.  Sorry to suggest you’re going to die from fasting… not intentional.

11. Sam Woodworth – waffles for breakfast. i try to sleep. (again)

I could not find anything on the internet for this song.  But, it’s a quick little one minute treat… like waffles.

12. The Sadies – Food, Water, Etc.

I found a preview for this song here.

13. SiN – A Romantic Dinner for Three

A charming song that really makes me happy.

14. Angel Food – Glitter Penis

Come on, I had to include a dance track!

15. The Kills – Goodnight Bad Morning

The Kills are one of the best underrated bands.  For two people, they make really kickass music that’s insanely creative even with something as simplistic as this.

16. Spiritualized – Goodnight Goodnight

A sleepy pretty song.

17. Lou Reed – Goodnight Ladies

This was totally meant to be suggestive.

18. Shivaree – Goodnight Moon


19. The Smashing Pumpkins – Farewell and Goodnight

Relaxed and sleepy and beautiful.


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