Super HeroiHOT #26: Death of the Endless

19 Feb

So, I just finished reading Sandman, and it was obvious that there was one character that stood out sometimes more than Dream/Morpheus (the primary character… most of the time) did, and that was Death.  So, after a long hiatus from Super HeroiHOT, I present to you Death of the endless.


What instantly hits you with Death’s appearance is her goth-y appeal.  Her white skin and black palette (although she does wear red at a funeral) pop from the page and make a very iconic impression.  I just like how there is still this happy glow from her even when she is only in white and black.  Also, take into consideration that her appearance is pretty modern, but she has been shown in the past to dress for the time period but still in black.  She is the embodiment of death… so, she’s had a long time to work on her wardrobe.  Sure, the outfit can get a little dated, but the comic was meant to be contemporary and take place during the late 80s/early 90s.  However, as shown above in a modern comic, there’s still something striking about her outfit and how well it suits her personality.  There is also a subtle level hinting at her great importance in the world with the silver ankh necklace and eye of Horus tattoo.  On top of that, there’s just something kind of sexy and alluring with the simple thin-strapped tank top.

Appearance: 10/10


So, she’s the embodiment of Death, right?  Shouldn’t she be all depressing and what not?  On the contrary, she gets enjoyment out of her job and acts as people’s final guide to wherever they go after they’re dead.  It’s hard to truly convey how pleasant and remarkable of a character she is.  She enjoys the little things and seems to always have a smile while being incredibly friendly towards people.  She also has accepted her role as Death and has a great amount of sympathy for those people that she meets.  She is the bright spark that cheers up the broody Dream.  Now, that’s pretty damn impressive.  Oh, and she has takes care of goldfish in her realm during her free time.

Personality: 10/10

Death has no superpowers because she is, in all circumstance, the reality of life.  She is present at your birth and at your death.  She is more than just an idea (although a culturally constructed one), she is an actuality.

Before there was a word for death, before there were humans for death, she was there.  She is and will be, perhaps, the most powerful character in SuperheroiHOT because she is inevitable.

Superpowers: 10/10


Well, you can’t really have a secret identity when you’re Death.  I mean, as mentioned before, she does have time to stop by her realm and feed her goldfish, but her job is constant.  It stretches her from one place to the next day in and day out.  However, she has been known to put her job on hold for her family (Dream, mostly).  Nevertheless, she’s always at work without the opportunity to have a secret identity because her job is her identity… I mean, it’s in her name.

Secret Identity: 10/10


There are no additional items


Well, this was easy enough: 40/40 or 100%

Great showing.  Great, memorable character.


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