19 Jan

So, I’ve had a tough last couple weeks in technology land.  Hence the reason I have disappeared from the interwebs.

First off, I had a windows update that I could not fix (although, I realized that I could later after I) and I took my computer in to a repair place which cost me $125.  In the process, they completely wiped out all of my programs and most of my information.  They said they backed it up, but they really only backed up “My Documents” which I already had backed up on my external harddrive.  Because it took so long for them to back all of this pointless shit up, they ended up charging me for it.  I basically lost all of my fruity loop (music creating) files and my iTunes playlists.

So now, I’m photoshopless and don’t even have Microsoft fucking Word anymore.  It’s like I have a brand new computer… which I did not want.  They really only needed to get the windows update off, but instead they bastardized my computer and shoved shit into it.

The whole process involved me returning back to the computer shop multiple times and buying then returning a slew of products to different stores.

On top of all of this, Sabretooth has been chewing through some of my cords.  No DS playtime now that I can’t fucking charge it.

I have nearly been completely wiped out by this money ordeal and can barely make rent.

So yeah, my computer problems have fucking sucked and I’m so pissed off that I don’t really know what to write about on the blog.


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