The Best Album of 2010

30 Dec

There is absolutely no doubt that Magic Central by Breathe Owl Breathe was the best album of 2010.

Infectious is the best way to describe this band.  Idiosyncratic lyrics on par with the best of Colin Meloy and even better, quite frankly.  They are filled with delight, humor, and even a twinkle of sadness.  The whole album creates a whole sense of awe because, like the title, it’s purely magic.

The listening experience is so pleasant and happy, that it would just be a terrible accident if someone didn’t smile at least a little to the playful “House of Gold,”  “Own Stunts,” or “Board Games.”  My particular standout has to be “Swimming.”  I often find myself singing a handful of their songs to myself while I walk around town.  There’s just something so calming about their music that it is truly tranquil, but in a melodic and happy way.

Sure, some of the songs do become rather melancholy, but it adds a great amount of variety to the album.  Some other critics have claimed that many of the songs are similar to each other and that their originality becomes unoriginal within itself.  To that, I reply, I hardly see that as a case.  They do create such a high bar for themselves, but that only proves how uncommon such a fun band is in this day of mostly angsty indie music.  They’re doing something new, something fresh.  And it just happens to be something fun which a lot of music has lost sight of.

If you know me well, then you would know that I have a tendency to not listen to music more than once without a long gap of time between listens.  I can attest to the fact that Magic Central was in my car for a good two weeks.  That’s a testament to just how good this band is.  When the album’s over, you wish there was more, but you just listen to it again anyway.  If there’s any fault with this album, then it is that it doesn’t have 30 songs on it – each one likely to stand out on its own.

If you think that this band is worth checking out and you enjoy their album, then I plead with you to see them live.  I have twice, and they have both been some of the best concerts I have ever been to.  They are so friendly and personable people.  This is probably emphasized at the last show when I spotted Micah and Andrea in the crowd during one of the openers.  I walked up to them, flipped open my phone to the picture of my cat, and I admitted to them that I named her “Sabretooth” after one of their songs.  They burst out laughing and thanked me.  It was wonderful.

You can preview the album off of Amazon!

And, for your enjoyment, here’s Swimming:

Also, be sure to check out their wonderful Daytrotter show that you can download for free!


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