Secret Pleasures #15: Youropenbook

30 Dec

Do you enjoy occasionally browsing incredibly stupid and trashy people?  Then might be for you.

Here’s the deal.  Youropenbook allows you to search through thousands of Facebook statuses.  It’s completely legal because unless your privacy settings are set high, anything you put online is public content.

I first heard about youropenbook from an article on NPR where they searched ‘new phone number’ and actually called some of the numbers they found in statuses.  The interviewee’s shock was completely hilarious.  So, of course the next time I was with a friend we did the exact same thing and started texting some random guy from the east coast about how ninja’s were attacking.

Most of the time the people that come up are trashy.  It’s a lot of girls in glittery, slutty clothing or guys flexing their muscles.  But, occasionally you get the sweet mom who you can only sigh disappointingly towards.  However, the creepiest thing is to a see a picture of a kid and the status is perverse or referencing drugs.  It really makes you fear for society.

Some of my favorite searches include: preggo, whore, gangsta, and emoticons.  Here are a few sample status I literally found in the last ten minutes.  I care about people’s privacy (even if they don’t) and have removed their names.

“Y do women think bcuz they r preggo, that the man cnnt leave u 4 another female. A man is gonna do wat they wanna do. U cnt control a man! 1st off, they r not men they r boys. It takes a boy 2 make a baby, but a man 2 raise 1. So women wake up and smell the coffee and dnt be so stuck on stupid till the point ur the one hurt in the long run. @ the end of the day, its all about u & ur child.”     – I think someone has a little bit of pent up anger

“your a douche,shes a slut, please dont catch std’s. :}}”      –    such good advise from such a trashy person

“Thing i dont like…myspace, skimpy people, liars, cheats, when poeple say Really?, arabs, gilbert godfree, carrot top, yo gabba gabba, and stupid fucking people”   –  They sounds angry and raciest; they’re the stupid person.

People say the stupidest things, especially on Facebook.  I’m just glad there’s a website that allows me to get a good laugh at them.

My Secret Pleasure: snooping on all the gross people on Facebook.

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