Tron: Legacy: Review!

21 Dec

Oooh, he's going fast!

So, I sat in my room deliberating on whether or not I should exit my home and enter back into human race however momentary.  Then, finally, I impulsively decided “hell, let’s go see Tron.”  You see, I was excited when I first saw the trailers way back in may (or something).  It seemed badass.  Sure, the original isn’t that great of a movie.  It’s just really goofy.  But, this seemed like an appropriate sequel.  Nevertheless, my interest dimmed.

Now, Tron: Legacy didn’t disappoint – it just didn’t wow.  Hell, the visual effects were stunning and it exuded all sorts of style, but even that couldn’t make up for the mediocre plot.

But, let’s just focus on the effects for a second.  I typically don’t understand the thrill of 3D films.  On top of this, the people sitting next to me were loud ass jerks who couldn’t get over the effects.  They were literally reaching out and trying to grab things.  Seriously.  Putting aside the 3D, the effects stand alone as very impressive.  Very stylish and many great designs.  I particularly enjoyed how ever suit was customized to each character reflecting their personalities and motives.  Not to mention the amazing technology that de-aged Jeff Bridges for him to also play CLU.  There were only a couple of times that I could tell it was computer generated which is a testament to itself.  The light-cycle scenes are breathtaking while also being a little too confusing.  There are just so many lights that it’s hard to keep track of them sometimes.  Overall, though, the effects carried the movie pretty far.

Olivia Wilde as Quorra

On to the acting: Jeff Bridges (which I still haven’t scene Crazy Heart) pulls double duty undertaking his previous roles as both CLU and Kevin Flynn once again.  If there’s any actor that holds his ground well, it’s him.  He perfectly captures both personalities of the characters and really makes it feel like two completely separate characters despite looking alike.  His Flynn is some sort of neo-hippie that says “man” and is amazed at the little things all around him while trying to be totally zen.

Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn (the son) works pretty well.  It’s not a phenomenal performance, but it does put him on the map.  My problem would be mostly with Olivia Wilde’s character Quorra.  The acting isn’t terrible, it’s just not believable.  She’s supposed to be some special sort of programming, but there’s really not anything that elevates her above the rest.  Sure, she has the trademarked white coloring of the good guys, but I just don’t think the movie would have been that much different without her.  I particularly enjoyed Michael Sheen’s performance as Zuse.  He sort of channeled an over-the-top David Bowie that I found very amusing.

A lot has been said about Daft Punk’s score.  And I agree with the majority: it’s a great score that really fits well with the movie.  You can tell they put a lot of care and time into the work, and it comes off splendidly.

The film ends on an interesting note.  There’s already an announced sequel (threequel?) to the film.  I think it could really go either way.  There’s opened possibilities, but I think it could have left as is.  Then again, Disney has been all about milking things until their dry (Pirates of the Caribbean anyone?) so an announced third film and (from what I read) two animated shows, I think you can count on Tron staying around for awhile.


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