G-Journal Dec 13: Refresh and Restart

13 Dec

So, after 9 months or so I’ve decided to update on a regular basis my graphic journal.  Here’s the issue I ran into that kind of made me give it up: I’m way too open about things.  You know, here I am – it’s the fucking internet – spilling out piles of shit and nonsense.  It really stings to go back and look at some of those posts.  But, I suppose that’s part of the point.  You’re chronicling your life day in and day out not knowing what’s really in store for you in the future.  So, in a way, it pretty much sucks.  Seriously, it can make things so glaring and retroactively stupid.

So, why start it back up?  I mean, seriously.  After writing up all of that, it’s kind of hard justifying doing it again.  I suppose the reason is because it’s goddamn therapeutic.  I mean, you sit back, reflect upon your day, and wonder “hey, was it worth it?  Did I do anything particularly noteworthy today?”  Well, I did a shitload of sitting in front of my computer, read some Sandman,  recorded a ten minute song, watched some Star Trek, watched some Pokémon, ate a red lentil burrito, and played with my cat.  SO BADASS, I know.

So (I figure I might as well start off half of my sentences with “so”), I suppose that I will add more restrictions on what I do and say with the graphic journal.  Perhaps it will be more about the objects and the conversations rather than focusing heavily on other people.  Well, fuck that, how’s the journal going to be interesting without other people?  Yes, it stings when I look back and see the fleeting crushes I had on girls and feel guilty about everything.  And, it may very well hurt other people who go back through and read it.  But, hey, I lived it and you get to read it through a very biased perspective.  So, why feel guilty about the past?  Sure, it hurts, but I plan learning from it (you sort of have to when it’s riding back behind you in a documented form) and guarding myself a bit more than before but still provide a lively account of my living… at least for those of you who care enough to read it.

So, to those who are taking their happiness to the streets for me starting this back up again: thanks, and get a real life.  To those who casually read this: thanks.


One Response to “G-Journal Dec 13: Refresh and Restart”

  1. girlinlike December 13, 2010 at 11:58 PM #

    I am a casual reader. I assure you.
    So, [<– haha] you're welcome. =]

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