Detective Comics #871: Review!

2 Dec

Let me give a brief summary of a story – not particularly the story in the book:

Ooohhh look, it’s snowing in Tacoma
Ooohhh shit, people in Washington don’t know a goddamn thing about driving in the snow

So, if it seems like I’m riding on the bootheels of other reviewers… well, it’s because my comic shop had some big D-leighs.

Onto the story – the comic book variety:

Scott Snyder rocks it out of the park on this issue on writing duties.  There are some neat quips, some history, and some very interesting things going on in the issue.  In interviews he said that he was bringing the “detective” back into comics, and I do believe he is.  There’s a fair amount of talkie-talkie in the issue, but, hey, that’s how I like (love) my comics.  Action is overrated unless it’s absolutely necessary.  In reality, fight scenes would probably not last 10 pages of doohickey fighting.  I like it fast and brutal to reflect reality.  So, when there’s action, it’s barely seen.  There’s just a bunch of investigating and character development WHICH I LOVE.

Of particular interest was the back-up which almost flowed perfectly with the ending of the main feature.  I am more than okay with paying $3.99 for an issue with so much detail and effort PLUS a back-up.  And the back-up is really good with some relevance to the main feature.  Sure, the writing (overall) falls onto some common plot tropes, but, overall, it didn’t come off as preachy nor predictable.  And, as a good sign of the comic, I want the next issue.

I have to admit that my first experience with Jock was when he did the slasher or whatever thing when Batwoman was rocking the title.  I really have enjoyed him ever since.  And, I have to say, this go-around he seems even better than before.  His lines are very expressive and dirty just like the noir-ish feel the comic needs.  His Batman is near perfection.

On top of that, Francesco Francavilla brings a whole new game to the back-up feature.  This feature reads like a dark and gritty detective tale that will definitely be haunting.  In the midst of it, you get Francavilla’s art which is phenomenal.  In fact, it reminded me of an indie comic.  For awhile, I sort of forgot that the characters have ties to superheroes.  The coloring is fantastic.

But two issues with the comic are: 1.) Bat-Taser in your finger glove… nah… I just can’t believe that 2.) I feel like this storyline could easily be drawn out to 5 issues rather than 3.  It’s moving just a little bit too fast for my tastes.  I’d really like to know more of the details… but, then again, that’s sort of what the detective genre is all about.


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