Batwoman #0: Review!

2 Dec

As has been clearly stated on this blog, I love me some Batwoman.  So, of course, I was very excited at the prospects of picking up this introductory issue.  Atomic Comic’s Ashley also shared my exuberance.

First off, I was a little disappointed for a $2.99 price tag for something rather brief.  $1.99 would have made this a much more lucrative deal to bring in new leadership.  Sure, it’s a teaser.  So, let it tease – at a small price.

Nevertheless, the most important part of the issue is the art and it delivers.  I mean seriously, how can art from J.H. Williams III not deliver?  Hell, I just read the entire Promethea series!  I know this guy can draw the hell out of things.  The issue is basically split in half with (normally) the top devoted to Batwoman and the bottom to Kate Kane as Batman (Bruce Wayne) tries to figure out if they are related/the same person through various surveillance techniques.  As opposed to Kelly Thompson, I found that the split narrative was quite complimentary to each other and not that confusing to pan out.  Yes, I did just read Promethea, once again, so, basically, anything like 2 page spreads split horizontally seems like child’s play when compared.  So, I may have just been prepped for the game.

J.H. Williams art is gorgeous, but, I have to admit, I hold him to a higher standard.  And, to me, he could have done a bit more.  On the other hand, Amy Reeder’s art seemed pretty darn good.  I’m really excited to see how she draws Batwoman rather than just Kate Kane.  Overall, I like her clean and slick lines with the pixie-esque features.  J3’s art is lifelike while Reeder’s screams life’s vibrancy but it also matches well with the grimmer moments.

Unlike Kelly Thompson’s belief that the costumes of Bruce Wayne are silly, I really liked them.  This guy does have to do surveillance and his costumes, to me, make sense.  However, I do agree with her that Batman – Bruce Wayne – just kind of seemed out of character the whole time.  Also, I just realized that there are absolutely no spoken words or sound effects in the comic.  That’s kind of interesting even though I never read sound effects unless they’re integrated into the art.

Overall, though, the writing was a bit stiff.  And, you can’t look out this comic without thinking about Greg Rucka.  Kate just doesn’t seem as strong in the issue as she was during Rucka’s tenure.  So, we’ll see, I guess.  Nevertheless, it was decent.  Sure, I hate the idea of Bette Kane because I want it to be just about Kate… so, hopefully that won’t be a big part of the series.

Anyway, this was a good introductory course in Batwoman with a little bit of experimental technique.  It’s definitely worth a read and a good buffer into the series.


One Response to “Batwoman #0: Review!”

  1. avells December 10, 2010 at 4:22 PM #

    I thought it was a little short for the price too! Otherwise I loved it and can’t wait for #1!

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