Tiny Titans #33: Review

3 Nov

Okay, so, I’ve occasionally flirted with Tiny Titans.  Each time, I’ve come away with a great experience.  It’s adorable.  It’s genius.  Plus, it has so many easter eggs that it will fulfill every diehard fan’s needs while still being easily accessible to the general public.

This comic is perfect for kids and adults (and everything in between).

This particular issue follows a special love of mine: Robin(s).  As in, the second half to Batman.  My second favorite comic book character of all time is Tim Drake.  So, imagine my love upon seeing him on the cover.  Sure, his iconic costume (and the one costume that actually looks like a Robin) was short lived, but I love it.  Nevertheless, this issue focuses on the first Robin: Dick.  Or, as the other titans (and Alfred) like to call him: “Robbie”.

It begins with the new Robins being dropped off at the daycare and follows them giving out a Robin costume to everyone: including Stephanie and Carrie.  Also another spoiler is Cassandra Cain and a certain real son of Bruce Wayne.  Now, keep this in mind, you do not need to know about these people in order to enjoy the comic!  It just helps.

Much of the humor derives from everyone wearing a Robin costume and “Robbie” feeling left out.  So, he dons the godawful 80s Nightwing costume, and it is HILARIOUS.

This comic is great and accessible.  Sure, it helps to know some of the inside jokes, but it nonetheless delights!


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