A New Batch of Letters

18 Oct

So, the letter senders are back on with some more fun for me.  I’ve decided that I’m not too interested in finding out who these people are at least until I graduate from college.  I know there’s four of them and one of them knows me a bit more than the other three.  I just love getting letters from them and not knowing who they are.  It really gives me a huge smile whenever I receive a new letter.  Of course… then I get lazy and forget to take photos of them and the letter senders lose hope in my bragging capabilities.  I mean, really, I get a new letter and the first person I see (who I know) gets to see it and listen to my grandiose stories of receiving letters from near strangers.  It’s grand.

Now, with this new batch of letters, I’m pretty dumbfounded.  I frankly have no idea where these phrases are from, and for the first one, I’m disappointed because it’s from a comic (my specialty) and I still don’t know where it’s from.  So, if you want to help, you can right click the images and choose “view image” which will increase the size of the photo nearly twofold allowing you to see the phrases in greater detail.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

That’s a happy birthday card from them.  Definitely the best card I’ve received in awhile.

And here’s an adorable photo of Sabretooth (who you can add on facebook under Sabretooth Sawyer, now):


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