Medication Redrawals and Birthday

11 Oct

Ugh… I forgot my medication in Tacoma while I went back to Bend for BendFilm and to visit my family and friends.  This was a poor mistake because I first suffered withdrawals from not taking the medication, and now I’m re-living the side effects at full force once I’ve started back on the medication.  This is very poopy.

I have next to no energy and it’s midterms.  I have a 6-8 page paper on the representations of blackness in Miami Vice due on Thursday.  I’m actually looking forward to the paper, but it’s hard bringing myself around to doing it because I can’t think straight.

Medication, you and I need to break up… but in a way that I just get very angry at you but still use you for all of your positive qualities.  That would be grand.

We could join a country club together.  Go golfing.  Fight three headed dragons made of living porcelain.  Become paraplegic and swim the Panama Canal blindfolded.  Raise chimpanzees together and train them to do multiplication charts backwards.

Then, we could take lots of naps.  Lots and lots of naps.  No worrying about homework or Bollywood films.

It’s my 21st birthday at the end of this week.  I already have a perpetual fear about getting old and/or/in conjunction with my massively high forehead increasing massively to form a bald patch on the crown of my head.

By the way, my parents got me this for my birthday:

Here’s another pic:

Pretty badass, huh?  They’re black and white toys based off of the ninja turtles’ first appearance.  There are color versions, too, which are vastly more expensive, but I think that the BxW ones are way more unique.  And yes, I am totally taking them out of the box on Friday and posing them with my vacuum-thingied Fugitoid figure:

Picture from Peter Laird's blog with him posing his toy around.

They’re going to be happy friends together… and kick major ass.

I’m hoping to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend with Lillian and possibly others.  I’m also planning on doing something surprising.  I hope it works out.


One Response to “Medication Redrawals and Birthday”

  1. Calcifer October 11, 2010 at 2:38 PM #

    I was going to surprise you and come visit for your birthday but now I have a stupid job interview on Saturday morning, so I’ll prolly come the week after. BE SURPRISED.

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