I Can See Your Eyelids Showing

28 Sep

I was sitting and reading and I realized that eyelashes are disgusting.

They are like little vestiges or parasitic ideas entangling themselves in the stark contrast of your eyes.

And yet, you look reptilian if you don’t have them.

I wonder what Camels would look like without them?  I bet they would be even sexier.  As sexy as shining shoes… yeah, that sexy.

What if Every Word Was Sacred?  That would totally trump eyelashes – words.

Then I would box them up and ship them out to third-world countries to add the finishing touches on them; all of the curls and dips would make the text pop.

Those children would have eyelashes.  Maybe I would somehow make the priming of text involve fire.  Then, the children could burn off their eyelashes (by accident, I swear).

And the rhythm goes on so don’t bat your lashes at me.

Then again, I like the look of eyelashes… it’s just the whole idea of these very specific hairs growing out of one of the most delicate places on your body that frightens me.  Every Word is Sacred and so is Every Eyelash.  Unfortunately.

I’m divided.


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