The Walking Dead #77

26 Sep

This comic was sooooo good, that I wrote them a letter:

Dear the powers that be,

You know you have a wonderful comic when your readers (me in particular) go “OH SHIT, NO THEY DIDN’T!!!” out loud followed by menacing pleasure chuckles.  Well, this happened during my reading of issue 77.

In fact, it was apparently so startling that my cat (Sabretooth), lying in my lap asleep, let out a “RAUGGHHH” after my exclamation.  She then promptly sat on my comic and pawed it (every reader should have a clawing cat so then they have to buy multiple issues – market it).  Frustrated I went “NAHHHOOOHHHHH Blasphemy!”

So, Kirkman and Adlard, your comic is so amazing that it is causing strife in the relationship between me and my cat.  You heartbreakers.

Elliott Sawyer


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