Secret Pleasures #12: Pluto

11 Sep

Here’s some background knowledge:

Plant vs. dwarf plant vs. not a planet is completely based on an arbitrary definition.  Some fancy-dancy scientists got together and agreed on a discretionary set of rules to group all the astrological bodies together.  Which is all good and niffy except they demoted Pluto.

The Pluto loving community was pissed.

My Pluto pleasure is by no means a secret; anyone who knows me can vouch for my passionate love for the planet.  I even have it inked into my back (along with the other planets and dwarf planets).  Therefore, this secret pleasure is for all of you out there that may not have fought the demotion, but secretly love Pluto.

Some people love Pluto simply because of its association with Greek and Roman mythology.  A simple god who’s always getting a bad rap (such as in Disney’s Hercules) but is only doing the dirty job no once else is willing to do.  Seriously, I respect him for that.  Other people love Pluto because of its integration into pop culture.

The best Sailor Scout ever!

Some people hate that all the work they but into memorizing the planets (My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas) has gone to waste.

But most of all I think the reason people love Pluto is because it’s the underdog.  Even before its disgrace it was the quirky, dysfunctional planet.  It had an irregular orbit, was far off in space, and was super tiny.  After it was removed from it’s position in the alpha class everyone felt sorry for it.  Hadn’t Pluto already suffered enough?  Now you’ve ripping away the one thing it had going for it.

Sympathy is the one thing Pluto is not lacking.

Maybe you won’t admit that you love Pluto (shhhhh…it’s a secret) but deep down in your heart you probably have some sort of meaningful feelings towards it.  Therefore, loving Pluto might be your secret pleasure.  And if not, Pluto might come destroy us all…



Author’s Notes:

1) I feel guilty for not mentioning the other Dwarf planets so here’s a shout out to Ceres, Eris, Makemake, and Haumea.

2) Just so we’re all clear, Pluto is still a “planet” – a dwarf planet is like a subcategory of planet.  But, Pluto was ripped out of alpha and forced into the beta squad.


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