Red Robin #16: Review

11 Sep

After the stunning issue from last month involving Tim Drake taking a shot for the team and getting to pretend he’s disabled, we find Tim continuing down his list of targets to Anarky.

Now, the comic did a decent job reviewing Tim’s previous history of himself versus Anarky, but I still feel like there was a lot of back history needed to fully enjoy this issue.  This may just be a case of Fabian Nicieza relying too heavily on the previous series.  Nevertheless, my sister, who I got into the Tim Drake craze, told me that she even had a few problems following the comic since she has never read the Robin series.

However, Marcus To and Ray McCarthy do a great job on art.  Once again, they seem to be really excelling as an art team.  Plus, I enjoyed the slight tweaks on Anarky’s design.

Despite the backstory, the plot of the comic still remains highly enjoyable, but, after last issue, was a little bit of a disappointment.  The art held it together, though.  I feel like this issue was a slight, unnecessary pit stop to next issue.  It felt more like a one-shot with some ties to the series than part of the overarching story.  So, we’ll see if the series gets back on track next issue.


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