Green Lantern #57: Review

9 Sep

It is easy for me to admit that the only reason I continue to buy this comic is because of Larfleeze.  Geoff Johns has created a new icon in comics.  I was grinning from ear to ear when Larfleeze discovered a buffet in Las Vegas.

Other than that, this comic left a lot to be desired.  It’s basically just an example case of how The Predator works for the Star Sapphires, and, despite the first couple of pages, involves a substantial detachment from the previous issue.

I am tired of this Entity-hunting game on earth.  Green Lantern, to me, is supposed to be about exploring space and all of the wonderful creatures that inhabit it.  To me, all of the other superhero comics can focus on humans (usually as casualties), but Green Lantern is meant to expand the comics universe.  However, Post-Blackest Night, the narrative structures Johns has created have run out of steam.  From one big event to the next (yayyy someone’s collecting all of the Entities!), I’m beginning to grow quite weary of this series.  If it wasn’t for the memorable Larfleeze, or my love for the Hope Lanterns, I wouldn’t even be paying attention to this series anymore.

The art does it’s job, but I’m not really fascinated by it.  The full-view on The Predator Entity is impressive, but overly complex.  Then again, the simplicity of The Predator-infused human is rather annoying.  So, I suppose it’s a so-so win/lose “meh” situation for the art for me.

Like the emotional spectrum Johns has created, all of the motivations, characters, and narratives that pervade the comic are rather base without much complexity.  Like Larfleeze, I’m left wanting more, but it seems like that involves buying all of the other GL-related titles that I am no longer interested in – at all.


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