Batgirl #14: Review

9 Sep

Bryan Q. Miller’s clever idea this month is to team-up Batgirl and Supergirl.  Of course, they must start out doing “girl” things and end with doing “girl” things.  Cheesecake abounds during these moments.  I feel like the comic resists, resists, and resists falling into the traditional “badass-girl but wait she’s an extremely girly girl worried about boys and does girly girl things with her girly girl friend” but does it anyway.  Sure, I totally stretched that narrative description out, but it happens.  Strangely, it happens on the day that we were talking about how Buffy the Vampire Slayer forwards progress by presenting a badass girl for the portrayal of women but then takes a couple steps back by her need to have a boyfriend.

Anyway, the clever idea (totally realized I went a different direction) is that Kara and Stephanie are doing girl, college things together which comes to involve going and seeing a classic Dracula movie in 3-D.  Some funny dialogue works its way into the comic as Miller takes a stab at the ridiculousness of 3-D films.  Overall, the dialogue does provide different voices for Kara and Stephanie.  I appreciate that even if the dialogue has issues with falling back into stereotypical portrayals of young women.

Nevertheless, these are two badass girls.  However, I feel like the art sort of fails them.  Most of the time, I couldn’t distinguish the characters from each other through facial features only.  Sure, there were little cues like Kara having the superman emblem as earrings and her hair pulled back, but they just looked too similar.  In this sense, the costumes made the characters rather than the characters making the costumes, at least visually.

Holy shit…. this is completely unrelated, but I just got an extreme jolt to want to play Star Wars Battlefront 2 with Aaron….

Anyway, the comic does it’s best and does provide an entertaining enough read.  However, it’s fully of indistinguishable art and the reliance on stereotyped characteristics with a common narrative.


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