Secret Pleasures #11: Mogwai and Pygmy Tarsiers

29 Aug

Did you see the title and was completely baffled?  Or were you a cool kid and actually knew what one was, maybe both?  Well, ever heard of Gremlins?  The movie not the imaginary creatures that steal your homework.  Mogwais are the animals that if feed after midnight or exposed to water turn into gremlins.  However, unlike their evil counterparts Mogwai are sooooo cute.

Gizmo the sweet Mogwai.

Though not exactly lifelike Mogwai (specifically the one named Gizmo in the film) easily charm hearts.  Though as a child I refused to watch Gremlins because it was scary I loved Gizmo and wanted to have him as a pet (which sort of happened since I have a cat named Gizmo).  But, sadly all I could find was a stuffed animal…until now.

Actually, it’s more like two years ago…

An animal thought to be extinct was found in Indonesian forests and it just happens to be a real life Mogwai.

Called a Pygmy Tarsier this primate/lemur fits in the palm of your hand and is furry with big eyes (aka adorable).  If possible I’d get one right away as a pet.

I’m one of those people that unless it’s a cat I don’t really like looking at a ton of pictures of animals.  It’s not that I don’t think they’re cute I’m just not the fawning type.  However, the Pygmy Tarsier is not only cute but also fufills my childhood dream of owning a Mogwai; therefore, I can look at it’s pictures over and over.

My Secret Pleasure: seeing cute fictional animals become real


2 Responses to “Secret Pleasures #11: Mogwai and Pygmy Tarsiers”

  1. Sydney August 29, 2010 at 11:02 PM #

    Not to be nit-picky or anything… ok, this is really nit-picky of me… tarsiers are a primate yes, but they are not lemurs at all. They actually aren’t even in the same sub-order as lemurs. That was it… although I do like looking at tarsiers too… I’ve never really liked the movie Gremlins though, I find it frightening.


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    […] are ridiculous.  And, is she wearing a towel vest!?  WHAT!?  These cat ears look more like pygmy tarsier ears just a little larger and closer together.  If I met fashion, face to face, in the street I […]

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