Scott Pilgrim Round Two

22 Aug

Alright, I couldn’t resist and saw Scott Pilgrim in theaters again.  Let me remind you, double viewing happens RARELY for me.  Last time that happened was for The Dark Knight, and that was mostly because my parents paid for it the second time.

So, what did little Mr. Elliott focus on this time.

1.) Once again, I found the editing to be spectacular.  Very self-aware and compelling.

2.) I paid a lot of attention to the lighting the whole time.  Nothing completely unconventional here, but it does some interesting things for focusing on the characters.  Plus, there were a lot of filler lights to smooth out shadows.  This may be to mimic some of the shading in the comic (which is fantastic).

3.) I did have some issues with the make-up.  I found that many of the girls were a little too caked up.  I suppose there are two ways to view this in relation to the source material: 1. They’re trying to gloss over the idea version of these characters in terms of perfection in comics and videogames.  2. They should have kept the small imperfections to aim for more of the emotional “real” side of the story.

Anyway, the final consensus is once again that it’s worth watching.  It survived a second scrutiny, and I really just want to tear apart a couple scenes shot by shot…  oh yeah(?).

Click here for the original review!


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