The Walking Dead #76: Review

16 Aug

I’ll keep this general and brief.

The Walking Dead is worthy of its Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series.  I am glad to pick up each issue month-to-month.  Sure, I could save money if I collected the trades.  And yes, I could probably be more likely to loan things out (although, I have had too many bad experiences with this practice) with a trade.  The problem is: I chomp (pun!) each issue up and cannot wait for the next bit of story.  It’s too good to wait for the trades.  Plus, the waiting is part of the fun and almost reflects a lot of the comics nature.

Anyway, this issue picks up from the surprise at the end of last with Michonne.  Rick flipped and now has to deal with the repercussions… though, they may not all be bad.  The characters come to grips with their past actions.  The next big confrontation is hinted at.  And Rick then answers the telephone.

Art = fantastic.

Overall: near perfection.

But seriously, people.  Read this comic.  Hell, the trades are even in public libraries!  You don’t have to catch up to where the series is currently at to understand and enjoy it.


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