Sercret Pleasures #9: Microwave Staring

12 Aug

Microwaves happen to be one of the best devices ever invented.  The whole science behind them is pretty fascinating – getting water molecules to dance – and it provides instant gratification.  Plus, microwaves are great to blow up with fireworks.  However, as cool as blowing stuff up is microwaves are also highly entertaining in their day to day business.

Microwave happiness.

Good microwaves have two things: 1) a turn table and 2) circle mesh on the door.

When food is cooking it’s almost hypnotizing to stare through the circle mesh door and view the turning food on the inside.  It goes round and round and round and round.  It’s hard to take your eyes off it.  Plus, not being able to see the entire item (because of the mesh) makes your eyes go in and out of focus.

If you like to play games when staring through the microwave try closing your eyes alternately.  Not only does your focus go even more out of control but the item inside looks both hazy and sparkly.

Why spend extra money on a TV when you can experience the thrill of a normal microwave?

The soft hum (maybe not so soft if your microwave sucks) of the microwave combined with the turning and eye tricks make the microwave even more addicting.  When your food’s done it’s almost sad.   But the mini psychedelic drug trip and relaxing hypnosis is meant to be short lived.  Any longer and you might get a head ache.

Best things to watch in microwave:

1. Water – whether it’s plain water or water used to cook mac ‘n cheese it’s fun to watch it bubble

2. Butter – it’s melts instantaneously and proceeds to crack and splatter like liquid fireworks

3. Marshmallows – they get so big!

If you want some momentary entertainment then go cook some food in the microwave.  You won’t be dissapointed.

My Secret Pleasure: being hypnotized by an everyday appliance


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