Some Thoughts: A Collection

10 Aug

Alright, I have 16 minutes before I’m off from work, but it has been rather dull and boring today.  So, I’m just going to toss out some thoughts that have been percolating in my head lately.

– Ash Ketchum has earned 32 gym badges.  He has travelled from region to region catching and training pokémon, and yet he is still a pretty terrible trainer.  Now, the show continues to emphasize the lesson of loving your friends (trapped animals) and they can beat anything.  So, he thinks a Cyndaquil can somehow beat a Golem (for example)?  What the hell?

– Are there any local pizza places that serve vegan pizza?  Is pizza vegan if you just take off the cheese and throw on some vegetables?

– My mouth looks a little wider because I got some zits from shaving making my corner-mouth sore.

– Cookie dough Yogurt?

– Date night soon, please.

– Scott Pilgrim on Saturday.

– Good god, I hope I don’t have to use the cash register again when I volunteer at The Grand Cinema.  I did alright last Friday, but I just got so flustered and confused.  Then again, when it’s only me and someone else working Thursday night, I may have to do it.  Along with popcorn duties.  Which is alright, but I still don’t know how to use the popcorn machine.

– It’s been one thing after another for my body sucking lately.  Yesterday, my headache was so bad that I was dizzy and nauseas.  I’ve also gotten an ear ache three times in the last week.  And my wisdom teeth are suddenly extremely sensitive to heat.  I think I have a brain tumor.

– I have a memory that gives me the shivers really bad.  Almost as bad as when I think about getting a papercut on the underside of my penis.  That scary.

– I’ve been watching too many television shows lately.  I need to get back into reading considering the multitude of books in my collection that remain unread.  Unfortunately, reading makes me pretty sleepy especially when I’m not feeling well.

– Sabretooth and I: Meow Wars.  August 2010.

– Please don’t smoke in the house, dumbass.  And buy an air freshener because it smells disgusting downstairs.

– I’m tempted to write about how much I hate incense, but I know that a decent amount of people like it (including my collaborators).

– MajorSpoilers is a cool website, but their comic reviews really suck because they’re basically synopsis without any real critique in them (aside from deeply embedded).

– I need to call Aaron, it’s been too long.

– Excited for Troy and Nicole to come up and visit.  I’ve been saving up my free movie passes at The Grand for when they come.

– I have made way too many labels today.


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