Seu Jorge & Almaz Concert

8 Aug

I’ve said it elsewhere, but I might as well repeat it here: if I was forced to only be able to go to one concert a year, it would be Seu Jorge.  His eclectic sense of adapting other people’s songs (this time the roster included Brazilian pop to Michael Jackson to Kraftwerk) and making them into samba, jazz, pop, sexy, psychedelic, beautiful numbers is uncanny.

Now, slap this against seeing it alive, and it is startling wonderful.  The entire concert, I had a smile slapped across my face as I danced away.  This concert may have not been the best concert I’ve ever seen, but it was probably the most fun.  The reason why?  Everyone on stage was enjoying the fuck out of being on stage.  The guitarist jived his hips while he played, the percussionist had a giant smile (probably because there was a dancing baby on his momma’s shoulders right next to us), the bassist was just grooving along, and the drummer was laying down some amazing, unconventional beats.  The star of the show, Seu Jorge, was no doubt the main attraction, though.  And, he did not disappoint.

We joked that we wished that was our hand… moved forward about 6 ft…

Seu Jorge just oozes sexy.  Sure, I’m biased.  He’s my number two man crush (below Scott Bakula, of course).  He’s just so damn charismatic.  He danced around on the stage, sang directly to audience members (so jealous of those women), danced with band members, constantly moving and singing and making hand motions rather than just standing in front of the mic, he made jokes (often in Portuguese and when he did speak in English I could hardly tell because I’m accent deaf), had a grin on his face, was fully enjoying himself, and admitted that he was so grateful to be able to play his music and share it in America.  The only time he stayed still was during the cover of “Ziggy Stardust” (the one song they played that was not off of the new album, I believe).  But, this was epic.  He stood back and let the band rock out as he threw his hands up in the air and belted out good ol’ Portuguese David Bowie.

Every song was magical.  It’s hard to say that for an album let alone a concert, but it’s the truth.  Some songs were more danceable than others, but all of them took these old songs and twisted them.  I mean, hell, who the fuck does a Portuguese cover of Kraftwerk and makes it sexy!?  That takes balls and skill.  Seu Jorge & Almaz had both with a lot (A LOT) of sexy thrown in.

Pai Joao
Ziggy Stardust
Rock With You
Saudoso Bahia


2 Responses to “Seu Jorge & Almaz Concert”

  1. Jenny August 11, 2010 at 10:08 PM #

    Interesting (and awesome) review! I personally felt that the Almaz band completely got in the way and obscured his usual awesomeness, but perhaps I’m also biased…he has the most mesmerizing eyes and face I’ve ever seen on any man, and I thought the band got in the way of my field of view while I was staring at him.

    Seu Jorge could probably just sit there onstage not saying a damn word and I still probably would have forked over $40 to see him (and this, during a recession!). It doesn’t hurt that he’s a marvelous songwriter/lyricist and has the sexiest voice in his hemisphere (the other belonging to Grand Corps Malade).

    My take on Seu Jorge with Almaz:

  2. Yukirat December 3, 2010 at 11:30 PM #

    This video of “Pai Joao” by Seu Jorge is absolutely unmissable for any fans. Lucky Germans who got to see him! What a performer.

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