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Secret Letters (pt.3?)

7 Jun

I have to apologize to the letter senders… well, actually I don’t have to apologize.  I just have to say that I’ve been waiting on actually doing anything amongst the interwebz with these letters because I’ve been consistently busy or otherwise decomposed for the last two months.

I am still rather tired.  So, unfortunately, I will probably not go to as near as much depth with these letters as the past ones.

So, the first three are from April the 12th.  While the last two are from May 6th.

If you wish to get a closer view, right click view image it up.


First off, yes, that’s Sabretooth’s foot and pudge in the corner there.

I believe one of the bigger breakthroughs I’ve figured out is that every letter from Oakland is more than likely the same person… or, at least, utilize the same printer (at least with the color images) within the space of the last couple months.  Why? On the full color images, the lines from printing so much ink that go horizontally across the image from the printer resetting all are the same.  I didn’t go and check the three from before these 5, but I believe it would be the case.  This even applies to ones that are on card stock or normal computer paper.

I’m not sure where the quote is from, but I enjoy the interplay of it with the image.  Very succinct, so I’m not sure if it’s an excerpt from a longer poem or something similar.  If you know what it’s from, let me know.


This is a completely different handwriting style on the envelope, but the stamps are the same (nutcracker + jewels).  The poem is a little creepy considering the last stanza is “I am in love with where I am/But more in love with you.”  Unlike the San Jose letters/works, this poem is not blocked out with white text boxes.

I’m not sure about the poem.  It’s a little generic except for a couple of parts.  The most telling stanza, I would imagine, is the second with “The cliff behind the beach still invents/Shades of colour at sunset and now/The sea is stippled with a silvering.”  Help, anyone?


So, the quote on this one was pretty easy considering it’s the fatalistic, machismo, sexing words of Achilles in The Iliad.

Oh, and I named my Lugia “Iliohn” in Pokémon after Ilion aka Troy…

The paring of this image with the quotes is ingenious.  Congrats on that one, letter writer(s).

The handwriting on the envelope looks like a boy’s handwriting.


This image did something different.  It included the typical text paired with image and an additional sheet of paper with (possibly) a short story on it which I could not tell if it was either fiction or non-fiction.  Both items have to do with music.  The text piece about being a “musician” and the expectations it creates while the poem involves Mozart.

The image is (to me) obviously from “The Lives of Others”: the German film that one the Academy Award, I believe, two years ago.  I’m a little weirded out by this pairing.  At first glance, the image conveys the listening that the poem talks about.  However, in the context of the basic gist of the film, I can’t help but to believe it emphasizes the power the letter senders have over me whether good or bad.  The man in the film monitors an artist but ends up manipulating evidence so the artist will not (basically) sent to a Gulag.  So, are they monitoring me?  They obviously have much more direct involvement in my case.  Nevertheless, something of interest.

Oh, and the handwriting on the envelope is a cramped version of the one in the first letter.  You can tell they were trying to make it look different, but the “Wheelock Student Center” was a pretty big giveaway with them looking nearly identical.


The most unsettling part of the image that stands out at first is the circled and very bold “horny.”

Moving past that, I knew that this little embodiment of text sounded familiar.  A simple google search later, and my suspicions were confirmed to find out that they’re lyrics to “My Year in Lists” by Los Campesinos! (which has a very good music video).  I’m glad that my captors of the postal service enjoy Los Campesinos! even if they can get a little annoying after a couple songs.  I really appreciate the amount of effort put into this one.  It’s very detailed even down to the stripes.

From San Jose and the type of envelope was used on the Batman letter.  Only letter so far to use blue ink, if that means anything.  Familiar handwriting.



Well, thanks letter senders.  Too bad for the slow turnaround, but I promise to make it quicker next time.  I await the next one.  I would say “more hints!” But, that’s basically an underlying current of my psychosis around these letters.



7 Jun

After reading this brilliant article about the Origin of the Species of Pokémon about Sandshrew and Sandslash, I decided that one of my new favorite animals is the Pangolin.

For information regarding them: consult wikipedia or, actually, just the site I linked to above because they give a lot of interesting/cool information on these astounding critters.

I more so just wanted to post a bunch of adorable pictures of them so you can all be in awe.

Oh, and they’re mammals but look kinda like lizards.

I have conquered, suckahs.

Extremely long, lucious, sensual tongue. I would love to feel that on my cheek.

It's not a turd, it's an animal! How ballsy.

Hitchin' a ride with a collective "awe" from the audience.