Super HeroiHOT #19: Raven

4 Jun

Raven has the ability to keep the blood flowing in her arms with them outstretched all the time.

I’ve been reading a lot of Teen Titans comics lately.  So, I decided to take a stab at one of my sister’s favorite comic book characters.  I hope I please her…


Side Ass: A common trait amongst female heroes

I’m pretty divided on Raven’s costume.  At times, I think it’s really neat, but other times I think it’s kinda bleh.  Let’s start out with my major problem with it: the tunic fabric sheets hanging between her legs.

These sheets hanging from behind and in front function mostly for artists to have more fabric to blow around in the wind with and to give viewers the occasional “upskirt” phenomenon.  Comic artists love drawing asses, it seems, and Raven is full of the side ass and almost crotch.  The rest of the costume isn’t that exploitative, but this one kinda ruins treating her with a fair amount of respect.  If there was a reason for all of the side ass like mobility or something, then it would makes sense… but there isn’t.  I believe that they could turn the bottom into more of the one piece swimsuit thing because, frankly, there’s plenty of fabric to already work with in her hooded cape.

Now, onto that hooded cape thing.  It’s pretty badass, and I really enjoy how the hood comes to a point (like a raven, Ha!).  Sometimes this may be a little ridiculous like in the above image because it seems entirely impractical with something blocking your forward vision.  Nevertheless, it looks good.

The cape in and of itself seems to be of no defined length.  In some frames it may extend to extreme lengths, while others it may be just down to her ankles or so.  Nevertheless, the effect is neat.

In other images, there is sometimes a raven embellishment on the chest, and I don’t really like this because I enjoy the sleek version of the costume.  I do enjoy the round button, clasp things that attach the cape to the regular costume when they have little raven symbols on them.

Oh, and the white costume is pretty neat.

Nevertheless, with all of the good going on, the side ass holds this costume up from being really wonderful.

Appearance: 7/10


Contemplative and deep, Raven is always searching for her purpose and direction that separates her from her father... Trigon... a demon.

Raven was raised to suppress her emotions so that her evil father could not discover her and warp her to his purposes.  Therefore, Raven can often come off as chilling.  However, some writers (surprisingly Geoff Johns since he isn’t too great with female characters) have managed to give Raven layers of personality utilizing her constant deaths, resurrections, and/or soul self wanderings to form her as a tragic character.

However, she’s in pain a lot and constantly worrying about fitting in.  For being an empath and having emotions define her powers, she does not have any emotional grounding of her own.  Her voice, as often shown by a shaky speech bubble and/or different text, is pretty deadpan and direct.  If she senses a teammate feeling terrible, she has no problem mentioning it aloud in front of everyone.

Raven's deadpan and shaky voice often provides just a little bit of comic relief when she's being serious about humorous things

Raven constantly battles between her good nature and the underlying antagonistic qualities she’s inherited from her devil father.

Overall, her social skills are fairly vacant.  Sure, she has a pretty big excuse, but it doesn’t completely save her.

Personality: 6


Oh, alright...

For a DC character, Raven has pretty unique powers which would naturally could make her a bigger player in the DC Universe.  However, she has never gone past her Teen Titan/Titans allegiances despite having the skills to be a second-string Justice League-er.

I suppose the issue is that she often does not have complete control over her powers since she’s constantly battling between her good and evil selves.

Nevertheless, Raven is an empath that can feed off of other people’s emotions in order to soothe or hurt them.  Therefore, she can take a person’s hate and use it against them.  Her soul-self is also a projection that allows her to incapacitate others.

She is also utilized heavily by her team for her ability to teleport with her cloak.

Overall, she has some pretty great qualities, but DC’s missing out by fully utilizing them.

Super Powers: 7/10


Oh my god, I'm wearing earings!

After Raven has been resurrected, once again, she creates the identity of Rachel Roth so she can go… to high school!  She totally rides the emo wave because apparently being emotionally dead is what emo is all about.

This is the first life (of 3-ish) that Raven dons a normal identity to have a life outside of the Teen Titans/Titans.  It just sort of seems like the writers weren’t sure what to do with her on the weekdays and tossed her into high school.

Oh well…

Secret Identity: 6/10


Here we go again........

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times “The Search for Raven” or “Raven Resurrected” or “Oh my god, Trigon’s back.  We need Raven!” has happened in the comics.  This storyline has become so stale that it is really the only one associated with Raven (sort of how old it’s become to watch Deathstroke fight the Teen Titans).  Once again, this is another failed opportunity by creators to use a fairly well-conceived character in any original way.  It’s just tiring for her to be the ultimate deux ex machina to solve these crises (and to teleport).



Time for my epic, Batman-esque Pose!

21/40 or 52.5%

Personally, I really like the character of Raven, but how she’s used for the same ol’ thing is a pretty big joke.  She has the abilities and interest to hold her own title, but the creators really don’t know how to use her in any new way.

Raven has potential, just stop squandering it creators.


2 Responses to “Super HeroiHOT #19: Raven”

  1. xanpluto June 4, 2010 at 12:34 PM #

    I have so much to say but I’ll limit it to the basics.

    First, that crotch fabric has always been a personal beef of mine. In the kid’s cartoon they give her a swimsuit which is much better (despite that she has the body of a 12 year old).

    I like Raven’s personality because it truly shows growth. From her first appearance onward (usually starting again after her deaths) she goes from impassive to caring about her teammates. While her evil self is distinct, her good self is more questionable. (Such as using her powers to harm others to save her teammates despite her teachings not to support in violence)

    Raven’s powers are unique and interesting. There’s so much more that the writers could expand on if they’d just move past the Trigon storyline. (-5 is still a little harsh though)

    In essence, I agree with you. Raven has all the potential in the world but is stuck with the same issues in every main appearance. Be creative people.

    As a side note, I love the pairing of her with Changeling because they’ve both got emotional issues but deal with it in completely different ways.


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