Secret Pleasures #2: Digimon and Pokemon

22 May

Words can not express my love for Digimon and Pokemon, in fact they often don’t.  This secret pleasure is only revealed (until now) to friends once I know they’ve already accepted me, because truth is I’m obsessed.

To begin, here is my opinion on the Digimon vs Pokemon battle: they’re both great in different ways.  Pokemon is a wonderful video and card game but the TV series isn’t that great.  Conversely, Digimon is a wonderful TV series but not a good video or card game.  So, that’s my opinion let’s move on.

Patamon can talk which makes a way more exciting TV series.

The love for both Digimon and Pokemon probably spawn from two sources: 1) the love of cute animals and 2) the love of using super cool powers to beat up bad guys.

Seriously, Pikachu and Patamon are both innocent, cute creatures with big cheeks and big bellies-the perfect snuggle partners. They have cute voices (Japanese and English) and always show wide, emotional eyes.  If they weren’t two dimensional I’d probably hug them every few minutes.

Digimon and Pokemon all have wicked powers that humans get to use for their own benefit.  Digimon specifically digivolve into more powerful creatures and use even more cool powers.  Digimon and Pokemon’s Digidestined or Trainers, respectively, get to satisfy there own egotistical needs for power and defeat (actually it’s more like “reform”) evil.  Who wouldn’t love that?

And don’t forget the digimon and pokemon are always loyal as best friends.

There doesn’t seem to be a reason why everybody shouldn’t love Digimon and Pokemon.  Oh right, I forgot to mention that show is primarily aimed at children 6-12 years old.  That’s why it’s a secret pleasure.

When I was 17 I traded a $20 gift certificate to Starbucks for a green digivice (Green means Takeru aka TK’s digivice) at a White Elephant party; I don’t regret the decision.  For weeks I carried in around under my shirt so that I’d gain walking steps in order to digivolve my digimon.  I’ve mastered all of the games by now and store it safely on my bedside table.

Last summer I bought the digimon soundtrack at a garage sale.  Yes, I have all the songs memorized.  I’ve even got digimon movies, books, and manga.

As you may be able to tell I talk a lot about my digimon possessions.  That’s because I’m a far more obsessed with digimon than pokemon; I’d even say I’m a digimon expert.  MechanisticMoth is the Pokemon expert.

Despite their looks, the differences between Pokemon and Digimon are vast.


I can have hour long conversations about both Digimon and Pokemon and believer me it’s not rare.

These shows/games that are aimed at little kids have captured my heart (though I was a little kid when I first got into them); the Japanese have my love forever.  It’s hard not to become obsessed, yet it’s a little embarrassing, too.   That’s why it’s a secret pleasure.

My Secret Pleasure: cute creatures fighting bad guys with wicked awesome powers

Check out the confusion between the two franchises.

4 Responses to “Secret Pleasures #2: Digimon and Pokemon”

  1. digimonbattleonline-pro June 1, 2010 at 1:30 PM #

    i love them both, but i like digimon better. way better story and action. pokemon is cool too but its just a tad bit more for kids, you know? and digimon is more for tweens.

  2. trishothinks June 4, 2010 at 12:18 PM #

    I like Psyduck…..looks so spaced out all the time….in his own little world. Wish I could be like that…ha.


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