Secret Pleasures #1: 90’s Boy Bands

22 May

The 90’s were amazing!  I used to think them insignificant compared to the psychedelic and groovy decades previous, but I’ve realized my ignorance.  As more time passes I find myself indulging in 90’s fads more and more.  In fact, many of my Secret Pleasures span from the 90’s; therefore, the first secret pleasure is that of the most 90’s thing of all: Boy Bands.

Almost everyone had a favorite Boy Band back in the day.  There were posters, dolls, cards, key chains, and almost anything you could think of.  Really, if you weren’t supporting Boy Band memorabilia you weren’t cool.

They dress sharp to make the fans go wild.

And who was the coolest of them all?  In my opinion it was the Backstreet Boys.  But, N’Sync, Boys II Men, 98°, Take That, and No Authority held a place in many others’ hearts.

There is no doubt that Boy Bands used to be hot.  The key words are “used to be”.  Nowadays, Boy Bands get a snicker when mentioned and that’s why they’re a secret pleasure.

What tween didn’t like this?

Years after they’re rise and fall Boy Bands still live on deep inside so many people’s hearts.

When Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way” appears on my ipod my lips stretch into an insane smile and I’m put in an elated mood.  I, who used to hate N’Sync with a flaming passion because of their rivalry with Backstreet Boys, look up their music videos on YouTube when I’m bored.  Over 75% of the reason I watch Randy Jackson Presents American’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) is to hear JC Chasez speak.

Classic and sexy Boy Band pose.

Who can deny any Boy Band’s charm?  They’re hot (sometimes one is ugly or creepy to make the others look better) men singing about love.  Even if it isn’t the 90’s anymore girls’ hearts will pound with the unexplainable want for these singers.

Don’t you want them, too?

On the outside you may snicker about your tween obsession with Boy Bands, but on the inside they’re melting your heart.  Maybe melting isn’t the right word; for me I feel jittery when I hear Boy Band music.  It’s far from my preferred music style but this is all forgotten- it’s supposed to sound cheesy.  And truthfully, I’m not complaining.
My secret pleasure: hot, sexy men singing about love.

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