Blogging From Mexico: Part III

18 May

Chillin' with the super-natives (stealing flecks of paint while feeling up pecs)

Monique, that picture is for you.  When I think about you, I think about muscles, cloth covering pouches, super-natives’ arms turning into trees, and god.

Thanks dear, you’re a-lovely.

Alright, so the day is not fully complete, yet.  But I have a bit of free time… so, there ya go.

My grandma and I went walking along this place that started with an M and ended with a cahn (Malacan? Matacan?).  Yeah.  Anyway, they’re having a big event soon.  So, they commissioned a giant Jesus statue.  For some reason, Jesus looks like a major pimp (and a little gaudy… ha, get it!?).  His hair’s blowing in the wind and he’s pulling a boat.  I’m not exactly sure why, but I definitely got a bit excited when I saw the whole thing.

That’s probably why I still have gelato on my lip.

I'm always excited for statues

You should definitely right click view image that shit up.  Geezyes looks great.

Anyway, we stopped and got some Lemonade and Guacamole and talked.

Then, we came home and found my Grandpa fiddling away with lighting fixtures.  He also blew up a pool mattress for Grandma and I.  So, we then decided to go swimming.

I embrace nations as they embrace me

We fought it out with some bees and giant wasp things.  They looked vicious, but, in the end, splashing can only do so much until they take a swoop dive at you and you have to go on an impromptu snorkle trip without the snorkle.  Bastards.

Then I did some jumping backwards onto the floaty thing.  The second to last time knocked the wind out of me due to those biological instruments that mark my gender feeling a little cramped against the rest of my body and the floating machine.  It hurt.

Water effect: On

Holy shit! You can see how fucked up my arm is in this picture.

So, now we’re going to go out for pork roast or pork ribs or something to do with pork.  Early dinner, but oh well.

Oh yeah, I also finished 4 books yesterday: Maus II, Whiteout I, The Brave and The Bold with lots of Mark Waid, and Comic Book Nation.


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