Blogging From Mexico: Part II

17 May

Alright, the internet is a little spotty here.  Sometimes it really kicks ass, and other times it’s like playing croquet with mud.

Yeah, I just made that simile.

Yesterday was a little bleh.  It consisted of a lot of sitting listening to older people talk.  First, this was at brunch.  Second, it was at the American Legion.  It upsets me a fair amount when, because I’m younger and a fine looking gentleman, I get touched for no real reason after only meeting the person 10 minutes earlier.  I’m very picky on who I allow to come into physical contact with me.  When this happens, it is very off-putting to me.

My Grandpa Ed and I with the other side of the Lake and some Cranes in the Background.

We went out to brunch at this place that was Bambuy or something.  It was a very good buffet with some great food.  However, it was pretty windy and cold despite May apparently being the hottest month for Chapala.  At one point, I went up to get my jacket from the car, and this guy probably 16 told me that I needed to move the car because it couldn’t be there.  This is as much as I discerned from him in my 6.5 years of Spanish.  Then, I saw a sign for Valet parking and figured out that he was trying to scam me into paying for him to move the car.  So, I just walked down the steps and got some more food.

Afterward, we went to that American Legion which consisted of some more sitting.  This made me self conscious because I’m pretty sure that my stomach is now flat, as opposed to an indent.  So, it could very well be folding over.  As in, my stomach may have a roll.  As in, I’m not as skinny as I once was.

Anyway, we came back home and I took some pictures out and about their property while my Grandma talked to my Aunt since it was my Grandma’s birthday yesterday.  I’ll post more pictures once I get home, but here’s one:

Doing the self-pic which I do not normally do. At least the roots are really cool.

Anyway, I have a decent amount of photos, but I’ll mostly show those off when I get home.  It’s a little awkward when I ask for my Grandma or Grandpa to take pictures of me.  But, we’re going to some circular pyramids on Friday.  So, I expect those to be grand.

Oh, and my Grandma and I watched Sister Act then Watchmen.  Hell yeah.


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