Quantum Leap’s RETURN (in comics… without it actually being Quantum Leap… yeah.)

13 May

Well, wasn’t that a hefty title.

I have a surprise for you all:

I like Batman.

However, the main title sort of disenfranchised me along with Final Crisis, Battle for the Cowl, etc.

So, I’ve just been reading Red Robin, Batgirl, and Batman and Robin within the Bat-verse (well, Detective Comics, but I sort of consider Batwoman pretty separate from all of that stuff).

Neanderthal Smashin'!

Well, The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 of 6 came out yesterday.  I was very hesitant and had to ask Ashley – one of the workers at my local comic shop – whether it was worth it.  I know she’s pretty big on Batman, and she went “ohhh yeah!”  With that, I decided… okay, maybe it’s worth $4.00 aka 25 minutes of my working time.

I have to admit, it wasn’t that bad.  Plus, they provide you with a lot of pages making the amped up price (yeah, a whole dollar means a lot to my wallet and integrity) worth it on a financial level.

So, I knew there’d be a lot of time traveling aspects to the series.  But, come to find out, it’s nearly identical to one of my favorite shows of all time QUANTUM LEAP!

Good god! We're leappppin!

Time travel that you can’t control.  Swiss-Cheese memory.  Hairy Chests.

Bruce Wayne doesn’t leap into other people and have to adopt their lives for a bit nor does he have an equivalent to Al/a hologram who guides him.  He just is himself jumping around through different time eras for fanboys to possibly jack off to, and so far it has succeeded (in my mind, please).

He leaps into a new era and exits with – what I would hope – a little *blip*.

Shirtless Batman Makes Me Drool

Overall, it was a pretty book, and I really have to give a gigantic thumbs up to the colorist because of the meticulous detail to what time of day things are happening at.

It wasn’t super wordy.  It had good art (there’s a really sweet blunt hatchet hit).
But, ultimately, I’ve already seen this done before (Captain America Reborn, perhaps?) and, even if it hasn’t been done with Batman, I’m a little tired of it.

It may not have helped that most of my comic reading experience of yesterday was tainted by reading all 12 issues of Irredeemable – thus finding one of my new favorite series.

While I’m at it.  Here are some other scores from my readings of yesterday:

Batman and Robin #12:

Um, not so big of a surprise for me because I already guessed it and then it was spoiled to me.  Plus, I’m wondering how Joker fit into the Oberton Sexton costume without looking as skinny as he is.  They have two completely body shapes, making me think that – despite claims otherwise – it was not completely decided who he was/supposed to be when first starting the series.

Damian standing up for himself is cute.  Dick torturing people is cute.

Overall, good.

Red Robin #12:

I’ve recently decided that Tim Drake/Robin #3/Red Robin is my second favorite superhero in comics.  This issue wrapped up Yost’s run on the book and a year long storyline.  It was incredibly satisfying.  Marcus To’s artwork is progressively getting better.  There was a sort of sexist quip by Damian, but he’s a dick (one who’s growing on me).  The new costume looks good even though I sort of liked how it was in two parts before and now it’s in one.  Overall, I was really thrilled with it.

I mean, come on, Tim Drake has gone up against Lady Shiva and Ra’s Al Ghul in a year and beaten them both.  Sure, in different ways, but he’s ended up the victor.  That’s goddamn impressive.  Sure, he did get a lot of broken ribs out of the ordeal… oh well.

If I could, I’d give this 4.25, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt with a 4.5.


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