FCBD ’10: A Preview

29 Apr

Alright, so on Saturday hundreds of comic book shops across the nation will line out a couple dozen worth of specially made (by the publisher) comics for the avid fan, casual acquaintance, that one really bad date you had that one time, children, and whomever else to come on by and pick up a free comic.  Some places only allow one free comic per customer, others as much as you want, and others have some limit of like 5 or something (unless you’re like me and on good terms with the owner and get all of what you want).

What’s so great is that it really provides anyone a tasting of some comics that you wouldn’t normally pick up, and it really caters to a wide audience.  Such as, I’ve been interested in Mouse Guard and Atomic Robo for a long time, but I have yet to check them out.

Every year, this event is a pop culture phenomena.  As opposed to conventions that happen year by year, this is a nationwide event.  Therefore, a bunch of shops go all out by getting special guests and signers to come to their stores or offer huge discounts on trade paperbacks, etc.

So, at 10 or 11 on Saturday, you will find me at Atomic Comics of Tacoma.  And here’s what I’m aiming at getting:

Now, keep in mind that everything after Superman is part of the silver tier of free comics meaning that comic book shops may or may not have these ones.  If they do have them, their quantity is limited as compared to everything before the Superman comic in the gold tier.  So, if you’re really craving something in the silver but you’re not sure if the shop has it, ask and I’m sure they’ll help you out.

For more information visit the Free Comic Book Day website.


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