Such A Liar about B-logg-n

28 Apr

Okay, I know I posted yesterday saying “hey, don’t expect many posts for the next two weeks,” and now I’m posting like the little hypocrite I am.  I have a lot of work to do, I need to start/complete three essays by Tuesday.  Watch Mulan for one of those essays.  Read a couple articles for my essays. etc. etc. etc.

However, the e-mail conversation I had yesterday transcends all time constraints (although, I still apologize for not posting photos of the last batch of letters.

Anon Ymous (

Your blog gave us some trouble when attempting to leave a comment, so you now have an email in which to contact me/us I suppose. It sort of ruins some of the mystery, but I admit it has some benefits.

Anon Ymous (

Oh, and the next letters will contain your long desired clues. It’s time to amp this up.


Well, I hope that amping it up doesn’t mean you’ll be sending me lots of porn… because, that would be icky.
Or making extraneous demands that may involve my cat being tied to a railroad track…

It slightly ruins the mystery, but if you only use the e-mail for dire circumstances a la Elliott has no time on his hands and can’t post pictures of the new letters and you have to send a reminder to him types of situations.
Frankly, the e-mail address alone was worth it.  You gave me a good laugh.


Anon Ymous (

Clever reply. But no, there will be no demands, and certainly no porn. None of those is the point of this little project of mine/ours. This will be the last email you receive unless we are checking for arrivals of letters, or you desperately need a hint or a clue. This email will be checked with some regularity, for your peace of mind. Good luck.

Glad we could make you chuckle, friend.


Good, I usually don’t seek clues.  I’d rather have more cute little letters.  I’m making a collection in case I become world famous in the future and they need to make an museum exhibit for me.

Thanks for the pleasure of preponderance,

Isn’t this all grand!?  Sure, when I tell people about it, they get really creeped out.  I don’t think they can understand how exciting this is.  And, as long as they’re not putting me or my cat in danger, I am down for (nearly) anything.

Anyway, I was wondering if we could go to Free Comic Book Day together,

Teeheeeheeeeeee, I had a pretty bad day today, but rereading those e-mails made me feel better.
My professor gave me a stern, addressing a child “ELLIOTT!” today while a group presentation was going on because I was doodling… too loudly(?).  I don’t know, that frustrated me.

I’ve also decided to go celibate in all sexual forms for a month or more.  Last time I lasted 15 weeks.

Yeah… time to read things for my essays about: Vietnam War Film Genre, Iraqi War Film Genre, Disney, Mulan, Other Disney Princesses, Abraham Lincoln Speech, Article on the Abraham Lincoln Speech.

Then, a presentation about Web 3.0 by Michele Jackson.



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