A Belated To Do List

25 Apr

I have to apologize to Rita (who just recently cracked my code) because I have not checked the To Do List e-mail for quite awhile.  Anyway, here’s what she sent me:

Remember, right click “view image” to see at full size.

Here’s where she left it:

I really enjoy the placement inside the circle on this one.  So delicate and lovely just waiting to be found.

Here’s what Rita had to say about the to do list:

“to do list in the red yellow and blue stairs.”
background: i composed this list during thesis orientation, inside, on a saturday. on probably the first day without rain this term. the list was planted in the streisinger stairwell nearly a week later, unfinished. a giant black furry fly landed on it almost immediately, but buzzed off just as i took the picture.
i’m sorry if it’s blurry again; i tried to fix it.
peace, ra

And, to conclude things.  Sitting in front of me is a nice little post card I’m sending to someone on campus because it’s a little creepy, but I hope he enjoys it:


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