My Perfect Pokemon Date

15 Apr

Eevee's 4 Life

We would hang out in Ecruteak for a bit.  Maybe go to a nice coffee shop.  Along the way we’d let our Eevee Evolutions (Her Glaceon and Leafeon with my Eevee and Togetic) scramble around happily.  Hell, I’d probably buy a nice protein shake for my little guy, and he would purr and not use bite.

Then, I think we’d go on a nice walk through route 37 to get to the National Park preferably holding hands and listening to the radio to find out where the current Growlithe build-up has occurred.  I’d comment on how she wears really great boots and how I’m jealous of her abilities to choose such great scarves.  She’ll politely comment to me about how my fingerless gloves aren’t gay but actually serve a practical purpose for catching Pokemon.

Along the way, we might see a Stantler grazing in the grass.  As a joke, I’ll come up behind it and poke a long branch on its haunches.  It will probably charge at me, but I’ll have Eevee there to bite it.  Then, after its defeat, Eevee will be so happy and rolling around in the grass and making gross faces at Leafeon it will start to get really bright even though it just hit seven o’clock and everything’s a bit darker.  Suddenly, bright patches of yellow will start to appear along Eevee’s body, and his fur will get darker… Oh shit, that’s right!  My Eevee will evolve into an Umbreon.  Glaceon will be so jealous, but secretly fall in love with Umbreon’s shady looks and bad-boy personality.  Umbreon will come up to me and go “rrwoowowwww” and I’ll go, “OH MY GOD, You are sooooooo fuckin’ cute.”  Then Umbreon will tackle me and give me a hug before kicking sand in my eyes… Unfortunately, I don’t have the gym badge for it to obey me, yet…

My differing warddrobes for the seasons.

After putting Umbreon in its pokeball and with Togetic snickering a bit as she flies next to my face, we’ll walk through the park.  Your Leafeon will be kicking some ass out of some Metapods and Caterpies as we sit on the bench next to the lamp post.  The light coming from above will reflect off of your glasses and you’ll take them off.  We’ll kiss sweetly… That was partly because Togetic just used Sweet Kiss without me telling her to.  But, we’ll both think later about how goddamn well our Pokemon know us.

After a lot of blushing, we’ll walk down to Goldenrod and play some arcade games for a bit together.  Figuring that Umbreon can help unleash some mysteriousness, I’ll let him out and he’ll nibble on my pants for a bit but still sort of listen to me.  You’ll watch me get the high-score in Pokemon Pinball, and I’ll watch you win a shitload of tickets playing some game where you knock on the Squirtle’s shell and have to aim it just right to get it’s watergun into a P Unknown.

You’ll use the tickets to buy us some candy (unfortunately not of the “rare” variety), and I’ll put my initials as “VAG” in the Pinball game.  We’ll have a good laugh about this.

Tale of Two Seasons

We’ll enjoy some Goldenrod nightlife as all of our Pokemon except for Umbreon get sleepy.  Before you put Leafeon and Glaceon into their pokeballs, Glaceon will come over to Umbreon and rub her head against his… His little yellow rings will light up a bit.  He so will have a crush now.

We’ll walk back to my place and we’ll say goodnight, and we’ll give each other a soft, nice kiss without Togetic encouraging us, this time.  We will have had a great date.

One can dream, right?


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