Graphic Journal: April 14th

14 Apr

Along with this same theme, I was not very pleased with the discussion in my Writing and Culture class.  In fact, I’m not very pleased with my writing and culture class.  We sit there and discuss these things and we don’t really aim to understand them.  Just talk about them and use fancy words.  Well, I don’t.  I said one word and it was in response to how using a remote control for television was masturbatory for the user.  Someone asked if the goal was to have an orgasm of control and I quipped “well, the goal is always to have an orgasm.” Some people laughed, others gawked, he then went “No, really, I’m serious about this” or something along those lines.  Jesus, they don’t know how to lighten up.

Sooooo, in response to that, I present to you what I wrote down on my notebook paper unedited (I definitely know there are some huge flaws but its just sort of stream-of-consciousness) but unfortunately without my doodles of a crackwhore bee lady, a bearded man wearing a beanie wearing an electrical suit, and a fluffy ghost…  I naturally point out my own hypocrisies while taking stabs at others’.

Writing and Culture Majors,
The majority of you are so full of yourselves and incestuous with your ideas.  You place yourselves above culture decreeing how evil it is while admitting to craving interaction.  You throw quotes and large words to put yourself above the common person.  You ascribe to these high and mighty ideas but keep them to yourselves and don’t strive to share them.  Your acts are like an orgy of masturbation separating each person by an inch thick wall with holes in it creating a 4x4x4 cubicle.  You point out all of the flaws of writing and culture while still being one of the primary subscribers to it.  You are always talking over another person and cutting them off while lamenting the rise of industrialization.  You always use the impersonal “you.” And yes, I subscribe to this as a hypocrite, but I try to remove myself of their removal.  It’s broad.  It’s theory.  It’s shit unless you can apply it and make change.  You loosely associate things as a slew of examples but what do they do?  Everything for you is wishful thinking.  Most scoff at “conservative” and believe the world to be a fabrication of yours.  you think that everyone going to an art museum should be in awe.  Technology is your enemy that you’re fascinated with and overuse.  Nothing meaningful exists outside of discourse, but all you do is study the discourse in such a broad sense that do you understand these artifacts and their relationships.  They are not a tally.  You are the paradox of the world that everyone is a part of.  Stop interrupting.  Stop it.  You are fools.  We are all fools.  Then you decide you don’t have a personal culture


One Response to “Graphic Journal: April 14th”

  1. Hudson April 15, 2010 at 9:49 PM #

    Glad to hear about the scholarship, you seem really passionate about comics and writing and I hope that all works out for you. It’s really too bad you haven’t been enjoying class, discussion can get needlessly ethereal. You may notice that there is some levity, but that people only laugh at the jokes they find clever. Oh and just one factual correction- I’ve never been a Writing and Culture major (I was P&G) and this is my first WRC course.

    See you in class,

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