To the Person(s) Who Sent Me Mystery Letters

5 Apr

I love them.

Now, I understand I’m sort of breaking hate week with this little not-rant.  But, I figured I’d get this up here and let them know that you have my attention.

For those of you not in the know, on Friday, I received two letters in the mail.  One postmarked on March 20th from Oakland (re-routed after the post office misidentifying my school address zip code) and the other on the 24th from San Jose.  The handwriting appears to be different on both of the envelopes (and I have extensively attempted to cross-reference them).  However, they are the same type of envelope with nearly identical stamps on each one with the same artistic concept for each contents.  Right click and choose view image to get nice and up close.

Whoever sent these, I’d like you to know that I whipped out my Batman detective skills on these.  First of all, I found out about this one that it was probably made by somehow made with blond hair.  How did I find this out?  Well, there was about a 3 inch long seemingly human hair in the tape that attached the text to the image.  The image is of some non-plant cell that has been colored in with oily crayon-like tools.  I have not figured out if the text is from anything or original.  Plus, a hand drawn heart is included at the end of the text.

The other one was a bit easier when Michaela instantly recognized both the quote and the painting.  The painting is of Lady Agnew by John Singer Sargent, and the quote is from Shutter Island.  However, the image was folded very quickly and put into the envelope directly after it was printed because of the heavy ghosting of the text on the bottom of the page.

I really enjoy these.  Please send me more.  Give me some clearer hints as to who you are and what this is for.

Everyone needs a good stalker.

Thank you.


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