Super HeroiHOT #17: Veronica Lodge

30 Mar

I feel that it’s time for me to hit up a classic female comic character since Monique and I are saving up our 1000 Things We Hate to unleash them in a couple days.  So, I give you my look into Veronica Lodge:



What do you mean I'm half-naked in most of the issues I'm in!?

Veronica is a fashionista.  I mean, with the ability to spend so much money, who wouldn’t be!?  Nevertheless, she is most commonly found in a bathing suit because Archie comics like to be at the beach a lot.

Stick that hip out!

Veronica’s most common accessory for her outfits, though, has to be Betty.  They are quite frequently in the same frame together doing something cute and girly.

Short Skirts Park Time!

Overall, I have to say that in the long history of Archie comics, Veronica’s look has been pretty streamlined.  I really enjoy that she doesn’t necessarily have a “costume,” but a wardrobe.  She’s known for her good style and her black hair with bangs.  Frankly, she looks good, and she knows how to work it.  Now, granted, this is a teen comic… so, there really isn’t going to be that much objectification in the imagery of her character.

Appearance: 9/10


I wish I had that much power...

Here comes Veronica’s downfall… It is made readily apparent to even young readers that Veronica is a snob.  She is crazy manipulative, spoiled, and rather mean.  She is the most popular girl at your high school that you despise but secretly want (girl or guy).  I suppose that the problem is is that Archie comics can only be so basic for young readers.  They cannot show that much complexity in their characters.  In this sense, Veronica always does those (assumed to be typical) girly things in which she tries to make Archie jealous, subscribes to the myth of marriage and dating boys, and gossips behind people’s backs.

I just feel like, if Veronica and I were to go out to a date at an Italian restaurant, she would order something that was $30 and then complain about it…  I would hate that, but she would probably be in a swimsuit or some top that showed off her midriff… so, I wouldn’t necessarily be paying attention.

Early Archie set it up right from the beginning

She is full of herself and represents a pretty basic character set.  This is rather unfortunate, but it plays into the ability to read any Archie story since its inception and still be able to understand it on a fairly universal level.  It’s just unfortunate that the comic perpetrates and propagates this role for a growing woman.

Zooming and Zooming and Zooming

So, on one hand you have imagery that doesn’t deface the character, while on the other you have a concrete character set that really fulfills the most basic and stereotypical characteristics of a teenage girl.  All of this is through the lens of a teenage comic assuming that its readers will only what wholesome stories.

Personality: 1/10


*gasp* Marriage!

Is getting Archie to be madly in love with you considered a superpower?  Probably not, but it sure is a simple one to come by in the comics.  As standard, Veronica gets full mark ups for her complete lack of superpowers.

Superpowers: 10/10


Um... weird.

I feel that, even though her personality projects this sort of stuck-up bitchy attitude, Veronica is, deep down inside, a really great person.  However, she just hasn’t learned how to fully articulate herself in a meaningful way.  So, her secret is that she is acting like a person and acting like how people expect her to, but she’s not being true to herself.  Her games with Archie sort of highlight this: she truly cares about him, but desires his attention so badly that she’s willing to hurt him and herself in the process.

It would be great if an alternative perspective could be given and twisted for these characters.  Something fresh, maybe a little controversial, and doesn’t exploit them while acting innocent.

Secret Identity: 5/10


Archie comics propagates the menage a trois fantasy with the male as the dominant and the female(s) seeking recognition, acceptance, approval, satisfaction, and fulfillment through their relationship with the male.  The man has agency and lives out the fantasy, while the females are expected to participate fully and be secondary to that of the man.  Archie’s clumsiness and dumbfounded surprise at this only works to obscure the appropriation of power to him because girls are expected to come after him, and if he goes after them only minor complications will arise before he finally achieves his goal.

Bathing Suit Fantasy

The manage a trois fantasy and male domination becomes reality, and Veronica fully participates.


After all of that, I have to admit that I find the Veronica Lodge Halloween Costume pretty darn attractive (way better than playboy bunnies).




22/40… That’s pretty alright, right?  I mean, what were you expecting?  Veronica functions mostly to be looked at and fulfill a pretty standard role that Archie assumes is what teenagers deal with.  They should update their characters (for more of a full-time sort of thing) to represent more modern problems rather than a wholesome, 50s view of the world.

Desire and Fetish


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