Green Lantern #52: Review

29 Mar

I figured I’d get my review out of the way for this issue before Blackest Night #8 comes out.

Sinestro = The White Lantern.

We learn history of the universe beginning on Earth.

We get to see all of the emotional entities.

Sinestro gets momentarily chopped in half.

This comic just kind of comes off as christian propaganda (I could really expand on this, but I’ll leave it as is).  You have all of the demigods of the White Lantern entity with the emotional spectrum entities.  Basically, only the first three that were revealed are anywhere near original.  Ion, Parallax, and the White Lantern Entity.  I’m really upset about the whole self-centered earthiness to the story because now we have really lame-ass entity figures instead of neat alien creations/beings.

I do like that Willpower first showed up by the little Ion guy willing himself to move… that’s cute.  But, the origins of the others sort of makes it seem like Adam and Eve had to have happened.  Earth started everything: a snake was the first fucking thing to feel greed and a bull (A BULL!) was the first thing to feel rage.  I’m sorry, but those are really, really simple fan fiction stretches.

I was really expecting for Sinestro and Nekron to finally duke it out.  That would have been so awesome.  Nope, it’s just wordy wordy wordy.

So, we’re still at the point of half of the earth’s heroes (which really haven’t played a big part – aside from the big reveal – since they saw sexy dead Bruce Wayne) being dead, Coast City in ruins with a shitload of Black Lanterns coming from around and above, and Nekron not even taking a hit.  Well, that’s neat.  There are just too many characters in the same place and at the same time.

Blackest Night started out really cool, but it’s been a downward slope since then.

Check out all of the entities and information about the Emotional Spectrum hereeeee.


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