Dinosaur To Do Lists/Street Art

28 Mar

To those people (possibly drunken) and on the street who happened to flip over the tags on the dinosaurs (and a peacock) left on 6th ave last night and today, I apologize for you visiting this site earlier and not finding out how/why/where these culprits are.  Nevertheless, I present to you the dinosaur gang:

If you want to read what each dinosaur has to do in greater detail, please right click and choose “view image”.

Oh, and here’s Sabre kickin’ it old school:

She looks like the conqueror of the reptilian.

Me placing the Stegosaurus at the locksmith place.

Michaela placing one of the twins near the middle school and along the road.

Me frantically trying to place the Brontosaurus before a guy rounded the corner and its leg falling off and me trying to turn around in time and a cow…

Oh, and… um… UPS-ers/Puget Sounders/Alderians/Tacomans… If you happen to notice a prevalence of googly eyes along Alder near the campus… Well, there’s a reason my hands are still caked with superglue and smell like acetone.

For Michaela’s version of events check out her site.


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