Some Goofy Tablet Drawings

24 Mar

The Sea Weed Wam!onster

Alyx came and stopped by yesterday after us not seeing each other for a good year or so.  It was really nice to see her, and I was excited to show off how I do my Graphic Journal updates on the computer with my digital tablet.  So, above is a seaweed monster I drew and colored in about 4 minutes.  Then, I decided to sketch her:

A Very Appropriate Title

So, I started out sketching Alyx, but then terrible things went wrong with it.  I was upset with my poor artistic capabilities… so… how do I fix that, with turning Alyx into a zombie!!!


This is a nice little drawing that Alyx did as she tried to figure out how the fuck you use a digital tablet.  It was rather entertaining despite her accidentally changing most of my presets with her affinity of pressing buttons and dragging things all about.

We also both drew ballpoint pen tattoos on each others’ foot.  So, expect a picture of those.  Mine’s rather hilarious: an anthropomorphised bird strangling an octopus… classic.


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