My English Pre-Presentation Class To Do List

22 Mar

While sitting in class listening to the presentations on texts (a list found in the SUB and the graffiti/etchings found on desks) and their relationships with writing and culture, I spotted a tag sticking out of a chair.  At first, I was incredibly excited thinking that this might be some hidden to do list.  To make sure, I reached behind my chair to see if it was a tag… it was, but a fucking hilarious tag, at that.

Way to go California...?

I decided that this was just too funny of a tag to let it serve its function as only a tag.  So, I wrote a quick to do list on the back of it.


And yes, the explicit Pokemon reference(s) are because I bought the new Pokemon SoulSilver so Taylor and I could geek out over them.  I have been extremely obsessed with the Pokewalker because it is so goddamn cool.  Hell, it’s in my pocket right now… as I try to ignore the stinging fact that I have an essay to write…

Anyway, I left this in my classroom underneath the remote for the projector.  I hope it’s a good find!


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