Fremont’s In-N-Out… you have a present!

20 Mar

In-N-Out in Fremont CA, did you find something peculiar left behind by one of your customers?  Was that customer perhaps Andie, a friend of Michaela’s?  If yes and yes, then you’re right, you did!  Congratulations.

I hope we all complete 1,2, and some of us would probably really enjoy #3.

Michaela’s been our little savior in CA as she cruises along forcing her friends to make “to do lists” at knife-point.  So, I’m expecting a multitude of submissions real soon out of California.

So far, we’ve already reached out in Washington, Oregon, and California.

Keep them coming, and if you feel like you don’t have anything new or original to add to a “to do list,” then make one up from the perspective of someone/something else!  There’s a lot of room for ingenuity and I expect you all to exploit it.

On that note, I dropped off some of my To Do Lists at a Mexican restaurant and a Middle school.


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