Super HeroiHOT #16: Ellen Baker

16 Mar
Washing carrots and singing: my idea of the greatest Mom

Well, I just can’t seem to bring myself to get out of the house especially now with it being rainy and windy and Sabretooth snoring like a sweetheart.  So, I present to you a very interesting sideline character that I’m not too sure her results are going to be going into this: Ellen Baker.


NOT Mom jeans! Yes!

In almost all of Ellen’s appearances, she’s had a very relaxed style.  Keep in mind, she is not a superhero!  She’s just a normal mom.  Hell, she’s like my Mom!  Her most iconic and recognizable feature is probably her orange hair.

Anyway, she retains a fit, petite body while never going overboard.  Granted, she suffered from the early 90s debacle of clothing with midrift-cutoff t-shirts and frayed jean shorts.  This also played into earlier appearances of her hair as super curly but short and all over the place.  Creating a sort of faux orange curl mullet.

Why Hello Martian Manhunter! I've only been painting in super tight jeans that most human beings wouldn't be able to sit down and rooting for my favorite football team!

Lately, she’s been looking good and finally relaxing after Animal Man’s recent bumping up to roughly a upper tier B-lister.

Appearance: 6/10


What a supportive sweetheart

Ellen is the grounding and the guiding light to her husband Buddy.  Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean she’s just relegated to your occasional pep talk.

Still in a position of authority

Ellen still sticks up for what she thinks is right and often argued with Buddy in the beginning of his career if he was making the correct decision to be a superhero.  She still makes Buddy question why he does what he does and if its the right thing, in general and for the whole family.

The nurturer

Ellen is caring, loving, and supportive.  She’s the perfect wife, and the perfect mother (her and Buddy have two kids: Cliff and Maxine).  However, she still is a character within herself, and doesn’t let her role within the household define her.  She doesn’t just settle with the myth of marriage.  I really appreciate that, in this way, she does break out of the norm a good handful of times.

Personality: 8/10


Super-Wife, Super-Mom

Okay, due to my rule of Non-Superpowered people being exempt from this category, Ellen would get a full 10 points.  However, she’s not a superhero… so, I’m going to have to cut that in half.  But I really wanted to mention that, despite not having powers, she still kicked Mirror Master in the Balls which is totally badass.  So, with my arbitrary ranking skill, I’ll have that moment raise the total to 7 instead of 5.

WOOOO! Way to go Ellen!

Superpowers: 7/10



Okay, she doesn’t really have much of a Secret Identity, but she does have a job.  Ellen is a published children book Illustrator.

Workin away

In fact, at the beginning of Buddy’s superhero career, it was actually the income from Ellen’s job that kept the family afloat until Buddy could get a part time job as a stunt actor.  So, Ellen’s role in the family has been fairly important to keep them going.

Secret Identity: 8/10


Okay, I’m at a dilemma, I can’t decide whether or not Ellen having to wait for Buddy’s return as he’s out adventuring is a good thing or a bad thing.  I suppose it relegates her to the sidelines as the loving wife who waits misty-eyed for her husband to return like a widower staring out to see.  On the other hand, there love for each other is on the same level as Sue and Ralph Dibny….. Well, I’m going to go with a negative since it is a pretty proto-typical place to put a female/wife character.  I’d like to see a superpowered women have a husband who’s the housemaker at home.

Relegated to the sidelines


Oh Kory, you're just an excuse to give Cliff a "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" moment

Ellen often has to contend for the attention of Buddy through his new “friends” of Donna Troy and Starfire.  However, Ellen understands that the love her and Buddy share far outshines these attractive, fellow superhero women he brings around the house.  However, on that note, it was a bit upsetting to see her inside the house vacuuming as Buddy partied it up by the pool with Donna and Kory.  So, this will only be a:




or 67.5%

A fairly reasonable score, I suppose.  I definitely feel like writers have yet to tap into the possibility of Ellen as a character and expose what makes her tick and stay so damn reliable to Buddy (keep in mind, anything past Morrison’s run on the original Vertigo comic I’m pretty much ignoring).


You’re not being stupid, but I just want to know what’s the point for you?  Is Buddy the best man for you?  If not, can you find me?


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