Our First 2 To Do Lists

16 Mar

I’m happy to say that two of my friends have already participated in the “To Do List” project after it officially going for roughly 24 hours.

Bev from our friends over at Little House on Miami sent this one in explaining:

Who by: Beverly Schlegel
What about: Oh, just a real, personal to-do list. Kept it simple for my first project.
Media: Super classy. Written on a unused page torn from my planner: July 2nd, 2009.
Where left: Planning to casually drop on a bus seat tomorrow morning. I’ve got high hopes for this baby.

Sydney from over at A Cartography of Colors sent this beauty.  Allegedly, she climbed a tree to hide this list.  Could it be the same tree in front of the library!?  Only the finder will know, and I sure hope they comment on it.  To see the back of Sydney’s list and a more detailed description of her excitement leaving this one out in public, follow the link to her site above.

To view either of these in greater detail, right click and choose view image.

I’d like to thank both Bev and Sydney for their submissions and particularly for being some of the first to submit in their “To Do lists”!

I’m hoping within a couple months we can start getting submissions in from people outside of the West Coast, what do you say team, let’s spread the word!


2 Responses to “Our First 2 To Do Lists”

  1. Erica March 31, 2010 at 5:12 PM #

    I found the one in the tree (not the one in front of the library, but a tree nonetheless)! It was a while ago, I had forgotten to look up this website until now… Anyway, it made me smile.

    • MechanisticMoth April 1, 2010 at 8:49 AM #

      Congratulations! We hope you can participate, as well.

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