VD and To Do Lists

15 Mar

My favorite is, of course, Fidel Superman

So, after Valentine’s Day, Bartell’s always has sweet ass deals on candy and cards.  So, I picked up a box of Superman and a box of Batman VD cards last month.  Just a moment ago, I went through and randomly assigned them to different people’s Campus Mail Boxes.  I figured it would be amusing to send Valentine’s Day cards a month after the fact; belated love for my campus community, I suppose.  I had a grand ol’ time giving Superman a variety of facial hair for all of his cards.  Unfortunately, the Batman ones were just too dark (and Batman doesn’t have an exposed face) to really have fun with them.  However, with some of the poses, I drew little lines to indicate Batman letting off a fart or something childlishly inappropriate like that.  I also blocked off “Valentine’s Day” to “V——— D–” to create some fairly amusing phrases like “I hope your V——– D– is a gas!” from Joker.

Also using the VD cards, I created a couple to do lists from Superman, Batman, and Joker’s point of views.  The B-man and Joker ones were rather dark due to the dark gray color scheme, but here’s the Superman:

I would also make To Do Lists on VD cards if I was as busy as Superman

Then, I made a real To Do list for myself that I’ll drop off somewhere tomorrow because I need an excuse to get out.

Yes, that happens to be the tally of the Scrabble game Lillian beat me on

Anyway, if you UPS-ers happen to get a Batman or Superman VD card in the mail… well, then you know who to blame.


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