Graphic Journal: March 12

12 Mar

I will reread every play you have ever read.  I will follow your footsteps into the dark.  I will go blind for you.  I will become a manic depressive for you.  I will suck cock for you.  I will pretend that your fingertips are made of glass.  I will write your favorite book.  I will shift tectonic plates for you.  I will eat cow tongue for you.  I will cross the lake of fire for you.  I will articulate a list of your favorite nouns.  I will stop staring at your face from across the room.

I will eradicate all of your boredom.  I will lick off your jet lag.  I will run in front of cars for you.  I will put clothespins on my dick for you.  I will erase all of my video game files for you.  I will pretend that your isotopes are made of liquor.  I will write a sentence that you will not wish to stop reading.  I will drip hydrochloric acid in my eyes for you.  I will paper mache a paper mache’d sound wave for you.  I will jump over railroad tracks for you.  I will enhance your understanding of the lonely boy narrative.  I will stop believing that we can change.


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