More Batman Frames Fun!

27 Feb

Inspired by the Batman Frames Generator from the other day, I decided to go back and read some Batman annuals from the 60s.  Man, Batman sure had some kooky adventures!  That guy, what a goofball, honestly.  So, here’s some highlights of reading… then, I’ll show you some other fun I had.

Stripey action!

Yes, there is a Zebra man of all things.  He has magnetic powers which basically have absolutely no relation to his obsession with Zebra stripes.  In this lovely little diddy, he shoots Batman full of zebra/magnetic energy!  Woo, that’s a bad day, right there.

The pits...

Funny that I’m listening to What’s Yr Damage? right now.  Anyway, there once was a time in a faraway place named Gotham City where DA Harvey Dent became Two-Face when a criminal threw acid over… half of his face!  There also was once a time when Harvey Dent got over it.  Then, another time in which DC had no idea how to bring a great villain back… So, what did they do?  Yeah, create a second Two-Face.

Wait, what magic could they pull to do this one?

As simple as having actor Paul Sloane play in a TV movie about Harvey Dent becoming Two-Face in which… he becomes Two-Face himself!!!  Oh Shit!  Nnnooooooawwwwwwoooooo, way!  DC, you gots some original 60s ideas, right there.

Memorized Lines!? You're a killer.

Yes, because he’s so crazy as a stand-in for Two-Face.

What other awesome things do the Batman Annuals contain!?  Yes, that’s right, multiple stories about Batman meeting up with INDIANS!  Yes, Monique, eat your heart out and spit in a soft drink because I just brought in racist depictions of Indians to the mix!

Batman: a Better Indian than the Indians.

In the first 6 annuals I read, there wasn’t just one story about Batman dealing with Indians, there was THREE!  It was actually the most recurring story element out of all of the annuals.  Yes, Indians came up more often than any villain or even Superman.

The Bat-(smoke)-Signal: A modern example of ingenuity.

Oh yes, DC, you did us quite a favor of depicting Indians as raving imbeciles.  …geeeeeessssssss…

So, then I decided to fuck with some frames myself that I found hilarious.

At first, I was going to mess with this shoulder massage image because it looks like Batman is whispering for Dick to be quiet and stay still as something slips into his behind… Then, I realized, “Hey, the image speaks for itself!”

Shhh, it will all be over real soon, but call me "daddy".

And now, we’re entering into some of my fun:

Why Batman doesn't go to parties anymore.

Now, let's go play hopscotch.

I couldn't resist.

I hope you enjoyed the frames fun I had!


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