What did I get from that MYTHICAL Beast? – The Dumpster

22 Feb

Ready to enter amidst the sun.

I’m listening to Starlight Mints’ “Change Remains” and it is super fattttttttyyyyy.  I’m loving it.  Still distinctly them but pretty different.  Who knew they could always be so badass, experimental, and pop-y!?

Anyway, I figured I’d list out the books I got from the Dumpster (for free!).

  • The Bourne Identity (bent with a conk shell on its cover that happens to have a… RAILROAD SPIKE right through it!)
  • Robinson Crusoe (yeah, you bet it has some faded 50s illustrations)
  • Paradise Lost (seriously, I’ve already gotten all of this!)
  • Moby Dick (with a sweet ass inner cover design tracking the ship and the whale as they travel on the map of the world with the power of dashed lines!)
  • One Hundred and One Famous POEMS (included above every poem by a single author is a weird looking portrait of them… totally enhances the experience)
  • Nature and the Universe (I got this mostly for the illustrations… they look like really sweet block prints)
  • 536 Puzzles & Curious Problems (I will probably never open this… I will probably give it away as a present some day to get it off my shelf… but boy, does it have some tough puzzles!)

Yeah, that’s right… all of that, I got from a dumpster.  All I had to do was climb in.  Sure, the only gruff I had to put up with was from cars (near the freeway entrance) honking or yelling things… which was mostly at Michaela because apparently they didn’t like my sexy ass up in the air… or diving in the books.

Imagine the books as sand but with corners and easier to clean off and much lovelier to take home and snuggle with

The other things I got on Saturday:

  • American Born Chinese
  • Justice League: New Frontier (the film)
  • The TV Set
  • Rachel Getting Married
  • Batgirl #7
  • Green Lantern #51
  • Green Lantern Corps #45
  • Invincible #70

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