My Dream List

22 Feb

Here are the people that I hope to get my picture taken and/or something signed/commissioned from at the Emerald City ComicCon in a couple weeks:

  • Brian Azzarello, writer of 100 Bullets and Joker [C-19]
  • Kurt Busiek, writer of Marvels and Trinity [L-13]
  • Matt Fraction, writer of Invincible Iron Man [G-01]
  • Derek Fridolfs, inker on Batman: Streets of Gotham and did one Tales of the TMNT issue way back [B-12]
  • Kieron Gillen, writer of Phonogram [306]
  • Patrick Gleason, penciller of Green Lantern Corps [M-03]
  • * Geoff Johns, writer of Green Lantern and Blackest Night [M-01]
  • John Layman, writer of Chew
  • Stan Lee, uhhh, yeah… not much needs to be said about him
  • * Doug Mahnke, penciller of Green Lantern [M-02]
  • * Dustin Nguyen, penciller of Batman: Streets of Gotham and Detective Comics [B-11]
  • * Ryan Ottley, penciller of Invincible [306]
  • Joe Quesada, E-i-C of Marvel [H-01]
  • * Greg Rucka, writer of Detective Comics and Stumptown [C-07]
  • * Andy Runton, the guy behind the ever-cute Owly [702]
  • Steven T. Seagle, writer of Superman and It’s a bird… [M-16]
  • Jill Thompson, penciller of Fables 1001 Nights of Snowfall [C-20]
  • Peter Tomasi, writer of Green Lantern Corps [M-04]
  • Mark Waid, writer of… a lot… [502]
  • Len Wein, writer of… a lot… [L-12]
  • * J.H. Williams III, penciller of Detective Comics [C-05]

Unfortunately, Gail Simone had to cancel… I’m quite sad.

Some of these will be ridiculously hard to get, but I will be prepared… lots of water and cash.

The ones with the stars will be my main focus.

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